Fiber Optic Operations

For all your inside plant fiber optic cabling needs such as:


Outside Plant Operations

Your outside plant infrastructure is a crucial part of your campus distribution.  Let's us take care of it by performing these tasks:

Inside Plant Copper Cabling

For all your inside plant needs for copper cabling  such as:

About Us

At METICULOUS CABLING, we strive every day to let our core values guide the decisions we make, the behaviors we exhibit, and the interactions we have with our clients, vendors, and co-workers. Our core values in and of themselves do not make us a better company; striving to live up to them does.

Our company was founded by Mr. Olivier Blé who is a BICSI TECH certified technician. After working for more than ten (10) plus years in the network cabling industry, Mr. Blé understands and knows what it takes to build a lasting and high performing structured cabling system. He started his career as a cable puller, then a lead technician and finished as a foreman running large projects both in the private and public sectors. 

The sum of these professional experiences allowed Olivier to meet other highly skilled technicians with whom he developed and maintained a good relationship. Most of those technicians have joined our team and many others are willing to join as the company grows. We can say with confidence that we are one of the most technically qualified company in the region, capable of meeting all your network cabling need with high quality of work at a reasonable cost. 

Most of our technicians are BICSI certified and possess a security clearance, thus making them capable to perform work for any entity and at any facility in the nation. Meticulous Cabling positioned itself as a company specialized in all the facets of a network cabling project, small or big. You can trust us with all your inside and outside plant  cabling work.  From a new install to a renovation project, through a MAC ( move-add-change) and maintenance and repair. Our core values are HONESTY RESPECT and HIGH QUALITY WORK.

Simply put, our core values are important to us — day to day, person to person, and on every project. They act as our guiding light, our daily benchmark, and help us build a company that is a great partner to work with time and time again as well as an outstanding place to work.

We perform all our work per BICSI standards and code requirements.


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Primary NAICS: 238210 

PSC code:  DG01